Apr 15, 2011

Anne and I, in Amsterdam

Last summer, when Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands beckoned, I had four days to explore the city. I had only one thing in my mind - visit to an old friend's house - rest all was left to chance and mood, obviously of my wife.

Acompanied by my wife and our toddler, I stepped into Netherlands, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, only to be welcomed by hordes of cycles. The sight got me wondering if I was in Europe or the streets of a smalltime Indian town. For the fitness crazy Dutch, cycling seems to be more an obsession than a mode of travel. I saw flocks of septuagenarians speeding on their toys through the main streets. Watching women over eighty peddling past teenagers was a veritable feast to my eyes. I was amazed every time I saw that scene and it inspired me to walk a few steps with a better posture! I must add the following baffling facts here. Total population of Amsterdam is 7.8 lac, number of bicycles is 7 lac. Every year 50,000 get stolen and 25,000 end up in the canals!