Aug 8, 2012

Don't christen your relation

(Zenkey is a Zen (enlightened Monkey). He is a corporate worker, who has found meaning of life in his inner essence. He lives with fellow animals, most of whom are corporate workers in a jungle called Cosmo jungle. When people come to him with problems and occasionally in gatherings, he shares with them essence of his findings.)

From the pulpit of a tree branch, Zenkey gave his sermon, to his awestruck listeners.

"Yes, I repeat. Don't ever name your relation." Zenkey paused.
"You have people in your life, love them, adore them, pamper them, show them your concern, share with them, cheer them up, be there for them, care for them, but.......... Never find a name for your relation".

Zenkey continued solemnly " Name is the key of destruction of that relation".

"But alas, oh enlightened master" Balu, the bear, a young corporate accountant screeched (well, almost) "Cant I name my lover, my love" he gasped with astonishment "can't I call my best friend, Champoo the porcupine, as my best friend (Champoo is a software engineer who lives in Baloo's neghbourhood), Can't I call my Mom, my Mom"

"No one prohibits you, oh Zen" smiled Zenkey "But you won't, if you want to be Zen"

Their silence conveyed him their confounding.

"Listen to what Zenkey says" said the Zen Monkey."In the name lay the seeds of destruction of that relation"
"You call her/him your lover and then you expect her/him to meet all that a lover is supposed to do and your expectations become a reference to gauge the person"

Then he said "Your friend you call friend, and then you want him to do all a friend needs to do" and he smiled.

"When your friend, your lover, your neighbor  fail to do the obligations that come with the tag, you get disappointed. In disappointment lay the seeds which ferment into potion of discontentment"

He leaned a little forward, savoring the  gentle breeze that shook all the branches above and around them and wispered "just be, don't name"


  1. Wise thoughts. Made me think. Keep writing.

  2. what's in the NAME.. even if we dont name, and we keep expecting wats the use of not tagging..right? give any name u want to... but dont expect.. how about that?