Oct 16, 2012

Judgement of God

God, my creator
Who have made me of fragile strings and feeble heart
In your whim and fancy,
and left me to swim on my own
In life, this ocean of
Desires, temptation and survival
With an deeply inbred need
To survive and to gratify
I feel you owe me an answer.

How could the fickle tool be responsible
For a manufacturers defect
God judge me not
Now or ever
For I am
Just your design.
And if some one has to be judged,
 it has to be
Only thy divine self.
For creating a 
defective piece.

Sep 21, 2012

Zenkey on- illness, death and hurt

 "Be thankful to the odd day you are down with an illness, it makes you know how precious health is. Be thankful to the event of death, it makes you realize what an opportunity life is. Be thankful for the people who hurt you, they help you know- what a blessing those who dont (hurt you) are." Zenkey said one day.
He paused and then he continued " But..... can people hurt you if you choose not to get hurt?"  a mischievous grin presented itself on his face.

Sep 15, 2012

Double Dose of Zenkey

Strolling though the slopy dense forest Zenkey reached a high place and stood there for couple of moments to relax and relish the beauty around. While continuing to walk he heard a faint voice calling his name. "Sir, Zenkey". Inside a nearby bush lay Pappu the Porcupine couched and looking rather dull.

"Why do you look so grim and tired" Zenkey asked.

"I had a terrible day today and feel that I am left with no motivation or energy to do anything. Please give me a double dose of enlightenment and motivation as I need to carry on and do much of the things that I need to do"

Zenkey smiled and asked'  "So you have to carry on and keep doing things?"


"You dont need any dose, even single let alone double, because you are aware of your obligation, your awareness about your state is the only requisite needed to get you started  and you already have it" Zenkey said.

Having said this he disappered in to the forest.

Sep 11, 2012

Language a great barrier to communication

This title sounds a dramatized fallacy but a little reflection on our part would prove it a great truth. Disagree? Then listen to this.

We communicate in terms of language and our language proficiency is the sum total of our knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and all the tools that language offers like Idioms, phrasal verbs, metaphors , oxi morons etc.
                When our vocabulary is restricted or when we are ill at ease with metaphorical expressions, our ability to express stays curtailed.
Upon reflecting on my own writings and communications, I have found that my ability to express things gets limited due to the limitations that have rooted in my communication.
We try to speak or write in terms of the language that is within our cognizance. We narrate event, express ideas or write down depictions purely in terms of our linguistic capacities.
This greatly impairs our communication- both oral and written.
So, our expression should not be dependent on our linguistic abilities. Imagination should be free from it. It should be a play presented on the stage of mind. We should become cognizant of imaginations, ideas and views, and then try to present them transgressing the barriers posed by our language.
Example : If you don’t know the word “wallow”, pigs in your imagination just stand , sit or run around . They never wallow in the dirt around them. How realistic would be a pig that never wallows. In contrast, when you know the word wallow. Not only the pigs do wallow but lot more happens in the metaphorical realm. Your friends wallow in their past love affairs. Your old aunt wallows in the nostalgia of her glorious past and society wallows in the dirt of self-imposed inhibitions. 
Hence, we shall keep our cognizance free of imagination and then discover a language to express them and it shouldn’t happen otherwise.
Language should be innovative, fresh and adventurous. Perhaps then only we would be able to do justice to our intellect, that has immense capabilities.

Sep 10, 2012

Outside a Doctors Clinic

In rural places like Kinnigoli the appointment system doesn’t work quite efficiently at the medical practitioners clinic. Doctors don’t strictly enforce either the appointment system or the token system for one reason- it would put the poorest of the people in highly disadvantageous position- fair enough. During the peak hours, as a result, you are forced to wait for your turn. It might take from half an hour to 4 hours depending on your luck or lack of it. Still, most people presume that they would have a field day at the clinic and schedule all their activities assuming that they would finish their encounter with the Steth-carrying man within half an hour and then rush back happily to their chores. As a result, the moment they arrive to the clinic their moods get disturbed after sensing their imminent long wait, their peace gets lost and they appear very upset and start grumbling.

People waiting outside a doctors clinic do following things in Kinnigoli. They question the very sense that Doctor either has or lacks. They scream at the receptionist. They curse the women in her middle age who take too long or talk too much to the doctor. They get busy in taming down a odd uncivilized person (read rich) who tries to jump the line. They blame the village panchayath, congress party, the monsoon this year, price rise and the woeful situations and degeneration society is facing now.

In spite of knowing very well that there are 12 people ahead of them and the affable chap inside is going to spend not less than 10 minutes on even with the person having simple headache, they manage to stay anxious every moment. They recall the pending jobs and share it to the benefit of the gathering. "Oh, I had to pay the electricity bill and today is the last day, those fellows will cut my connection" one fat lady would say. The thin lady would retort " I had to be at Mulki police station in half an hour for  passport formalities ". "This is an issue  with this doctor" the third would murmur.

I feel there is no point in being anxious when you know very well about what is in store for you.  This would perhaps make you more sick- rise your BP or drop your sugar. It can even cause a unrest at home because with the lost mood you are very likely to start a fight with your spouse or a neighbor whose dog had just trespasses your compound. Accepting your reality and making peace with it is the best option. You don’t want to change the doctor, you can’t change your timings, you can't force the doctor to change his habits- then you have only one option- change yourself.

There are many ways to deal with the situation.

1) Make calls to all your old friends and relatives whom you haven’t spoken  for ages.

2) Make a list of all the pending jobs that you should have done ages back. Example - Paying land tax, reminding your friend to pay back the money you had lent him four years ago, applying for ration card/voters card/ pan card, taking your child to dentist.

3) Observe the people, their deportments, their facial features and imagine them as characters for next story or blog entry.

4) Strike a conversation with a farmer and try to learn a bit about agriculture.  Find out "which vegetable would yield maximum produce or easiest to start with".

5) Make friendship with youngest of the child and spend time playing with it. Odds are that even her mother, father and grandmother might become your friends.

6) Make a round to the market, ask for the price of onion or "bendi" at different shops- at venkappa's, mikkiyams or at beary's- find out which vegetable is cheapest where. You'd be surprised to find up to 70% price variation within a few meters.

7) Have a walk down the street and check how many meters you can walk without getting hounded off by a speeding bus.

8)  Wait outside the door, stare at the bus stand and find an old acquaintance or a long lost classmate.
9) Go to Rama restaurant or Abinandhan and sip a Tea. If there are too many people ahead of you visit "Shivanna's Canteen". Avoid the plentiful of bars.

10) Remember a child in family, your friendly neighbor or may be your own wife, whom you haven’t gifted a little pin in years, buy something for them at the fancy store.

 Last but not the least and my favorite-Get a nice book along with you. Read peacefully- undisturbed. Read like you have eternity to go on. Every extra moment would give additional moment of happiness, education and possibly entertainment.

But, remember, you should get to your book only when you are done with all the people around you. Who, when they are in good mood can be great fun to know or to be with.

Aug 21, 2012


“Nothing exists if you aren’t aware” one day Zenkey proclaimed to a gathering at a private banquet, thrown by his friend Champa, the rabbit.

“This food is so tasty because you are savouring it with awareness.  You find this host generous, because you are taking note of his generosity”  He looked around and continued “ These flowers in the vase must have looked beautiful to one who has seen them with  delight and ofcourse with awareness”

Savouring another sip of the great looking red wine he said “ perhaps that flower hasn’t existed here to the one who hasn’t seen it with love and appreciation”.

He took another sip gratefully and wispered “So, We must accept, things exist only to one who is aware”

He then smiled and coninued in a louder voice “Care of your father, virtues of your spouse, goodness of every individual around you, exists, only if you are aware of it”.

On the farthest end of the corner sat calmly the Fox,Pancham, “but Zenkey” he cleared his voice “I find only ill people around me, there is no goodness”.

“Oh My dear”  Zenkey smiled  ”Goodness doesn’t exist because you aren’t aware  of it”. 

Aug 8, 2012

Don't christen your relation

(Zenkey is a Zen (enlightened Monkey). He is a corporate worker, who has found meaning of life in his inner essence. He lives with fellow animals, most of whom are corporate workers in a jungle called Cosmo jungle. When people come to him with problems and occasionally in gatherings, he shares with them essence of his findings.)

From the pulpit of a tree branch, Zenkey gave his sermon, to his awestruck listeners.

"Yes, I repeat. Don't ever name your relation." Zenkey paused.
"You have people in your life, love them, adore them, pamper them, show them your concern, share with them, cheer them up, be there for them, care for them, but.......... Never find a name for your relation".

Zenkey continued solemnly " Name is the key of destruction of that relation".

"But alas, oh enlightened master" Balu, the bear, a young corporate accountant screeched (well, almost) "Cant I name my lover, my love" he gasped with astonishment "can't I call my best friend, Champoo the porcupine, as my best friend (Champoo is a software engineer who lives in Baloo's neghbourhood), Can't I call my Mom, my Mom"

"No one prohibits you, oh Zen" smiled Zenkey "But you won't, if you want to be Zen"

Their silence conveyed him their confounding.

"Listen to what Zenkey says" said the Zen Monkey."In the name lay the seeds of destruction of that relation"
"You call her/him your lover and then you expect her/him to meet all that a lover is supposed to do and your expectations become a reference to gauge the person"

Then he said "Your friend you call friend, and then you want him to do all a friend needs to do" and he smiled.

"When your friend, your lover, your neighbor  fail to do the obligations that come with the tag, you get disappointed. In disappointment lay the seeds which ferment into potion of discontentment"

He leaned a little forward, savoring the  gentle breeze that shook all the branches above and around them and wispered "just be, don't name"