Aug 21, 2012


“Nothing exists if you aren’t aware” one day Zenkey proclaimed to a gathering at a private banquet, thrown by his friend Champa, the rabbit.

“This food is so tasty because you are savouring it with awareness.  You find this host generous, because you are taking note of his generosity”  He looked around and continued “ These flowers in the vase must have looked beautiful to one who has seen them with  delight and ofcourse with awareness”

Savouring another sip of the great looking red wine he said “ perhaps that flower hasn’t existed here to the one who hasn’t seen it with love and appreciation”.

He took another sip gratefully and wispered “So, We must accept, things exist only to one who is aware”

He then smiled and coninued in a louder voice “Care of your father, virtues of your spouse, goodness of every individual around you, exists, only if you are aware of it”.

On the farthest end of the corner sat calmly the Fox,Pancham, “but Zenkey” he cleared his voice “I find only ill people around me, there is no goodness”.

“Oh My dear”  Zenkey smiled  ”Goodness doesn’t exist because you aren’t aware  of it”. 

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