Nov 17, 2011

Love: Honey I have cracked the code

Have you too been a bad lover all these days? This might help you.

Love means giving significance to someone or something in your life.

You just feel that, the person or thing is important to you.

It shows, in your thoughts, speech and action.

You don't have to state or announce.

You just have to be.

You love someone, then you don't spend time expecting that person or thing to love you, you just love.

If you want something in return or you expect him/her to meet some condition, then you are not loving. You are perhaps trying a deal.

While loving you don't expect; if you expect your aren't loving.

Love doesn't have any disappointment; if there is no expectation where is room for disappointment.

If your lover has disappointed you, then you have expected something, if you have expected something then it is not love.

So just  keep loving; great things happen when you love.

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