Nov 12, 2011

Key to happy living: stop expecting

This can change your life.
The key to the wonderland of happiness lay in our ability to be " expectation less".

Don't expect your close family members to be sensible 100% of the time, let them have room for some human errors.
Don't expect your freinds and relatives to be kind to yourself, they have a choice and let them exercise it.
Don't expect yourself to be perfectly fine all the time, give room for mistakes, follies and hysteria. They are perfectly fine.
Don't expect your dog to bark at every stranger, let him keep his will.
Don't expect all in authority to be sane.

The list is endless.
Just let everything to be. There is a devine plan for everything. Dont let your expectations to narrow down the window of the infinite possibilities.

When we are expectationless, every next happening is wonderful, magic. 
Lets relish the magic.

Today dont expect the workplace to be easy, let there be room for challenges and tricky issues. Life is fine even with them around.
Dont expect all the people in your life to be sane always been,  to talk and act right always. Its fine if they arent alright all the time.

Just know. Everything is fine, except your expectation.
Do this and no one can steal your happiness from you.

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