Oct 30, 2011

How to let loose the blogger within you?

You start a blog and are ready to leave some marks on the vast virtual landscape but you find a constipation striking your blog and not much coming out in the form of posts.

This happened to me lately.

I had a million thoughts to be shared but they simply wont come out. I peeped deep within me in moments of silence, stillness and awareness.
Then came the realisation.
I want to make a perfect start. I want to be impressive. I want my blog to look well organised, well structured, sophisticated.
I wonder -Why am I doing this?.
I am conscious about my blogs image, my impression etc.
Too many heavy stones to carry............ to many chains to break!
The truth is, I can't be what - I am not.
So I resolve and say this......

Here I throw you,
In to the nonreturnable  realm of non- existence
Oh my need for well structured blogging.

I am what I am, only my raw thoughts have place here
let me live a life of unstructured truth
I say this to you, as I bid farewell
my soon to be lost friend.

In moments there are cracks across the damned dam and I am drowned over by ideas.
I plan to go unstructured on my blog, now onwards.
I let go my need to look organized, structured, sophisticated and every other such holy shi…………..

Here I start with this delightful gem of a crap.