Sep 15, 2012

Double Dose of Zenkey

Strolling though the slopy dense forest Zenkey reached a high place and stood there for couple of moments to relax and relish the beauty around. While continuing to walk he heard a faint voice calling his name. "Sir, Zenkey". Inside a nearby bush lay Pappu the Porcupine couched and looking rather dull.

"Why do you look so grim and tired" Zenkey asked.

"I had a terrible day today and feel that I am left with no motivation or energy to do anything. Please give me a double dose of enlightenment and motivation as I need to carry on and do much of the things that I need to do"

Zenkey smiled and asked'  "So you have to carry on and keep doing things?"


"You dont need any dose, even single let alone double, because you are aware of your obligation, your awareness about your state is the only requisite needed to get you started  and you already have it" Zenkey said.

Having said this he disappered in to the forest.

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  1. Thank you Joy. Very apt to my current situation.