May 9, 2015

Ananau - Peruvian Song that stole my heart

                         ANANAU - ALBORADA PERU

During my tour of Europe, walking on the streets of Brussels (Belgium) I was searching for a "La magasin de la Photo appareil"  means Camera shop.

From a distance a vibrant tune of music caught my ears. It was fascinating music full of life's rhythm.

That music was so captivating that I just forgot about the camera shop and went madly searching for the source of the music.
After a minutes’ walk I reached a grand square, where a burly, feather clad south American folk singer was playing this song and he and his assistant were making music with huge bamboo pipes.

Later I came to know that these musicians were from south American country of "Peru" and the music was created by a group called  "Albodara" who were a native Peruvian group who have made revolutionary innovations in Peruvian music, without losing its native Indian and Andean essence.

The music hasn't ever ceased to play in my heart, especially the tune of the flute.

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