May 21, 2015

If you really wanna do .... you'll find a way to....

I learnt this hard way....

Some jobs never get done!...reasons for not doing them present themselves in series, one by one, relentlessly...
Then there are jobs, which get done somehow!

Why does this happen?

Some jobs…. mind perceives them as unpleasant and when you are about to do them,  mind gives one reason or other not to do them.

It sometimes says to you that there is not enough time.
or....there is some other important job to be done.
or are ill today and you need to have some rest

etc etc etc

This causes the job to be pushed to the background and it remains undone for a long long time and stays undone eternally  in some cases.

This is a fallacy. This is a trap by your mind. You will remain the way you are, if you keep listening to your mind. To rise to excellence in life, you need to rise yourself above the mind level.

Till you keep listening to your mind, you will stay an average human being. When you learn to overpower your mind, your journey towards sublimity begins.

If you really want to do a thing....If you are really committed to do it... if your mind obsessively craves to do it, then you will find a way to do it. You will invent, you will discover the means, the ways and the possibilities to get it done.

You will so much be engrossed in it that any flash of an idea will be captured by your mind and be used to get the job done. Example : Satiating some craving mostly sensual.

If you be able to commit yourself to the things you wish to be done, in the same way that your mind commits itself to satiate the sensual cravings, your job will get done.

This is possible when your commitment is firm, unshakable  and you don’t waver under the relentless deceptive push of your mind.

If your thoughts exert themselves over your mind, mind will become your slave and your job will be done.

Decide today... you want to be average or you want to excel.
You want to be salve of to your mind  or you want your mind to be your disciplined device.

Choice is yours.

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