May 20, 2015

My Tryst with Western Ghats : The charming Charmadi

Charmadi Ghats connecting South Canara district to Chikmagalur is a stretch of winding hilly  road between Ujire and Moodigere.

It takes around 45 minutes to cross this hilly terrain, the roads are narrow and the slopes are steep. But travel in this stretch of ghats is nothing short of a divine experience.

The majestic steep densely vegetated mountains are a fest to eye. The magnificent forms with gigantic proportions are a treat to watch.

There are quite a few tricky viewing spot along the Charamady where you can park your vehicle and steep yourself into uncommon beauty of the towering hills.

One can not imagine the efforts and hardships undergone in constructing a road in such a tricky terrain. That too in the days of under developed technology. However, the road as a single non green stretch, safe from animals of the jungle presents itself as a safe haven and a great strip of viewing locations.

Majesty of the mountains, the lust of the greenery and milky white clouds of mist that embrace the peaks in the mornings and sometimes in the evening are a feast to savor.

You are bound to leave Charmadi feeling enriched and oxygenated.

Avoid nights as  neither you can watch any scenery and the sticky mist can really cause crisis to your  driving visibility. 

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